Dita Von Teese Was Kinky

April 3rd, 2008 // 2 Comments

Well, duh! She’s a fetish model! Of course she did porn! Dita Von Teese might find her WonderBra modeling contract to be in jeopardy. Some flicks have popped up online that depict her getting down with some other ladies and utilizing sex toys.

Do you think Marilyn Manson would have married a gal who hadn’t done something kinky on film in the past? She’s a burlesque model! Bettie Page did bondage pics all over the place. Why is this a shock?

In the videos, Dita gets spanked and pleasured with a sex toy. I need to see these. WonderBra has no comment. I think they should use it in the marketing campaign. It would make me buy a bra. Damn these moobs!

Photos: WENN

By J. Harvey

  1. mbvlorax

    Oh yeah, I’ve seen that stuff – some slag is wearing boots but instead of a stiletto heel on the boot, it’s a dildo and she’s shoving it in Dita’s twat. It’s so awkward and weird – but it’s cool, what chick from Irvine hasn’t been railed by a weener-heeled boot? Gross.

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