Dita Von Teese Got Her Name From A Typo, Doesn’t Do Sweatpants

April 1st, 2010 // 1 Comment

In an interview with Dita Von Teese, the olive in your martini glass tells Las Vegas Weekly a bit about herself.

First of all the woman who grocery shops in glamorous outfits is not a a fan of sweatpants. “I don’t relate that to comfort,” she says. “I’d rather put on a cashmere robe.” Yeah…that’s what they all say until they get caught.

She also talked about her “really contrived” name. Dita, born Heather Renee Sweet, says that when she was 19 and just a young stripper in Orange County she picked up the name Dita from a silent film she watched (Dita Parlow). When she posed for Playboy in the mid ’90s she says the publication required her to print a last name so she and her some friends picked up a phonebook. “I remember saying, ‘Let’s look under Von,’ she explains. “I found the name Von Treese.” Sounds classy. But that’s not the name that was printed. “The magazine came out and, of course, I went to the newsstand and was really excited and I opened it up and it said Dita Von Teese.”

Playboy…always giving people great names they don’t want….

Here’s Dita at MGM Grand’s Crazy Horse Paris cabaret show on Wendesday, where she will be performing through April 7.

By Madison Ventura

  1. wallab

    She looked better as a blonde. Who is she! She sounds and acts like a slut when she talks. What has she done to get where she is, which is where? She seems to talk down to other people when in a conversation. She doesn’t seem to be very bright or is that an act. Why change your name to something that sounds stupid. She had a nice name prior to this piece of dung name she change too. She says she like Paris a lot and doesn’t care for L.A. much. That’s fine. If she likes Paris so much, then do us all a favor and move there and stay there. We have enough crazies as is in the states. The last thing we need is more bimbos!

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