Dita von Teese Fetishes It Up For PETA

September 25th, 2007 // 7 Comments

Here’s Dita Von Teese ‘s new ad for PETA. She’s featured as a sexy 1950′s schoolteacher schooling some old guy about spaying and neutering pets. It should have been Bob Barker. This is a bizarre ad that makes me think the old guy in it might have paid her to dress up that way, but it’s definitely an attention-getter

The ad quotes Von Teese as saying: “Nearly 4 million dogs and cats are put to death in the U.S. every year because there are not enough good homes. You can help prevent this — always spay or neuter your animals, and if you’re considering adding a dog or cat to your family, please adopt from your local animal shelter.”

Dita appeared at a press conference in LA yesterday to unveil the ad. I’m still not sure how this ad relates to getting your dog fixed, but so be it. The girl is a hot ticket. She doesn’t really have any competition and she fits a specific niche. Where does she find those clothes, though? Is there a boutique on Melrose that only sells 1950′s wear? I want to buy some stovepipe jeans and pomade for my D.A.


More photos of Dita von Teese are after the jump.


By J. Harvey

  1. Lila

    She’s gorgeous. Always so well turned-out and just put together, you know. Love her. Too bad she dyes her naturally blonde hair black, though it does fit her pale complexion. Manson is stupid for leaving her for that 19 year-old. Don’t know what happened to her, but she looks awful ever since she started dating him.

  2. Feldman

    Fuck Dita Von Teese. Aren’t her 15 minutes up yet? Enough with the costumed character. Honestly, people, aren’t you tired of this cooze?

  3. Don’t care for PETA. But it is a catchy advertisement. PETA is funny. They “care” more for animals than people. Actually, they care more for donations and publicity more than people or animals.

  4. stolidog

    Dita’s leg in the ad reminds me exactly of the leg lamp from A Christmas Story.

    She’s a hottie, btw.

  5. Blue Velveeta

    Wow, she’s just like those gorgeous old pin-ups, if they were ugly.

  6. Ugh

    I swear it’s a man.

  7. Mz. Foxx

    Wow! Sure seems to me there are some jealous ladies on her. Typical. Just because Dita does not fit into the everyday cookie cutter image of American pop icons or mainstream fashion does not mean she is not beautiful. Think outside the box people!! Dita is gorgeous!

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