Dita Von Teese Dons A WonderBra

Burlesque artist/ex-Marilyn Manson handler Dita Von Teese just signed on to be the new face and bust of WonderBra. Dita will be designing her own burlesque-inspired underwear line for the brand. So save up for that giant prop martini glass so you can climb on in and give your significant other a show straight from the 40’s! Dita will be featured in a WonderBra photoshoot in Paris for the next few weeks. Besides rolling around in champagne glasses, and fanning herself with giant feathers, Dita is also an author. And corset wearer. She gets her waist down to sixteen and a half inches. Is that allowed? How do you swallow potato chips? Then again, I can’t see her being much for the snack food.

Photos: Bauer-Griffin Online