Dita Von Teese To Strip For The Beckhams

May 19th, 2006 // 17 Comments

Dita Von Teese, the burlesque queen, has been hired by David and Victoria Beckham to perform at their glamourous pre-World Cup party. Dita has been know to be rather outlandish in her performances, and costuming. For one performance she only wore diamonds.

A source told the Mirror: “The party has a slightly naughty theme and Victoria and David just feel that Dita will be perfect.”

The fetish model, who recently married risque rocker Marilyn Manson, has reportedly been told that nothing is forbidden. The source added: “She’s well known for her outlandish on-stage routines so guests can expect a few whips to be flying around. The do is already the highlight of the showbiz calendar, and David and Victoria are making sure it’s a night to remember.”

Guests expected to attend the party include the England football squad, Liz Hurley, and Tom Cruise.

Poor Tom, he won’t know what to do with himself.

Dita strips for Beckhams’ bash [digital spy]

(Images via Gossip Rocks)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Vicki

    Can I ask does anyone really give a shit about David and Victoria Beckham????

    I really wish that the US press would not report on them— they are patheitc and useless— money-hungry, fame-obsessed individuals who only care about themselves and all of their millions–Enough with the Beckhams— I doubt anyone in the US cares~~!!!!

  2. derin

    so do you think most of celebrities here in the US are much different?


    Like a disease that I can’t shake…I love the Beckhams, and all the trash that they represent.

    Why does Dita look so damn pale?

  4. Vicki

    No I don’t … I think that most of them are narcissitic, money-hungry and fame obsessed… the only one who I actually think is “different” in that she could care less about her celebrity is Anjelina Jolie… say what you will about her personal life and her personal decisions, but she is one celeb that is actually using her “celebrity” to try to better this world, instead of out shopping for the newest and most expensive hermes bag or gucci shoes… or leaving her children to the nanny to raise…

  5. Vicki

    Sorry… I mis-spelled… I meant Angelina with a “g”

  6. 2 Old 4 This

    Dita looks pale because she’s so unacustomed to sunlight.
    Notice she’s not standing in direct sun in any of these photos?

    Sistah would burst into flames.

    She’s a freak but girlfriend knows how to pull it together to go shopping.

    Are you listening Courtney Love???

  7. Whatsthatsmellycelebthinking

    They got money,absinth,partys,diamond string woohooo rock the beckies!!

  8. girl

    ooh i love her shoes! just cause she doesn’t follow the beauty trends a la lohan and hilton doesn’t mean she’s a freak. this woman is CLASSY!

  9. Beanie64

    I love Dita! I think she is beautiful and classy and she is a performance artist, not a stripper.

  10. skanky

    Ha Ha I bet she will utilize Marilyn Manson’s music for her strip routine. Is Manson going to watch her routine??

  11. cruzy

    I bet Tom Cruise will excuse himself from this party to check in on the Chippendales club. Of course he will be saying that it is Kate’s idea.

  12. missy

    for some reason they didn’t approve my completely clean comment earlier. but i basically said the same thing as beanie. dita is in no way outlandish. she’s a performance artist who may be elaborate or adventurous, but always classy.
    and some of us are just super pale because we were born that way. and sun ages your skin.

  13. Emma in London

    The Beckhams are nothing more than media whores who whine if they get hounded and whine if they lose column inches!

    Dita is a stunning intelligent woman who knows her mind and is no fool. Her husband is incredibly intelligent too, having seen an interview with him I was stunned at how savvy he is and totally plays the media to his advantage

  14. rob enderle

    >she is a performance artist, not a stripper.

    Yes, and that isnt bukakke she is doing, its a new egg yolk mouthwash.

  15. badattitood

    I know Dita has her unique style and look and I’m sure she’s very entertaining and good at what she does, but…….Dita’s friend/assistant is waaaaaaay hotter that her.

  16. syndicate league

    I don’t care about either of them: ESPECIALLY, dita von teese: [or heather sweet, which is her real name, I suppose] As she is a racist, self centered arrogant swolllen headed, pale skinned anglo aryan tart, whom is gotten way too much attention, than what isn’t required…. FOR A USE TO BE STREET HOOKER/PORN WHORE……

    5493415141926 – 0341155141926

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