Dita Von Teese Shows Us Real ‘Burlesque’

As many have pointed out in the new Christina Aguilera and Cher film Burlesque – there is actually no real burlesque to speak of in the movie. This has upset the modern-day postergirl of the genre, Ms. Dita Von Teese.

The performer debuted her new stage act last night at the Roxy in Los Angeles, entitled “Strip, Strip Hurray!” The show features Dita riding a Swarovski crystal-covered steer horns and bathing in a tub on stage. And from the look of the pictures, it was a steamy affair! So what’s her beef with the film? Well…

Since the film debuted, she’s made no bones about the lack of authenticity and actual representation of the burlesque artform in the film.

“In light of the film, I wanted to show people there is a burlesque scene alive and well today.”

And when asked about the film, Von Teese says that she hasn’t had time to see it, but bitingly adds, “I will see it on video, because apparently it’s going to be there pretty quick.”