Disney World Not So Fun For The Kiddies After All

June 15th, 2005 // 4 Comments

A caution sign alerts guests at Walt Disney World’s ‘Mission:Space,’ that they may experience motion sickness during the ride. Well, for one 4-year-old boy the ride may have cost him his life.

A 4-year-old boy died after a spin on a Walt Disney World spaceship ride so intense that some riders have been taken to the hospital with chest pain.

Daudi Bamuwamye lost consciousness Monday aboard “Mission: Space,” which spins riders in a giant centrifuge that subjects them to twice the normal force of gravity. The boy’s mother carried him off the ride, and paramedics and a theme park worker tried to revive him, but he died at a hospital. An autopsy was scheduled Tuesday to determine the cause of death.

The sheriff’s office said the boy met the minimum 44-inch height requirement for the ride. Disney officials said in a statement that they were “providing support to the family and are doing everything we can to help them during this difficult time.”

I don’t think a hug from Mickey Mouse is really what the family is looking for here.

Boy, 4, Dies After Spin on Disney Ride [AP]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Who takes a four year old on a ride with clear warnings and obvious danger.
    Disney, and I can’t believe I’m saying this, doesn’t owe jack.
    Parents, use some common sense.
    The kid should have been at Mr. Toad or in an effing Teacup.
    Man, that ticks me off so much.

  2. Steve

    Agreed. You don’t head off the fastest ride in the Park with a 4 year old. I’ve been on that ride and quite frankly it’s tame as can be. Sound more like some thing pre-existing got this kid.

  3. pinkpop

    Surely you cannot blame the parent for this tragedy.

    It is completely reasonable to see how a kid and his parent, in a theme park dedicated to cliched “world showcases” and “educational” rides about the “future” (from a very kitschy 1979 standpoint) – would be totally psyched about going on a ride about space. Sure there are warning signs, but it’s Disney right? Disney doesn’t hurt you! Mickey loves you! He might throw a little g-force your way, but no biggie, right?

    All I’m trying to point out is that there is a reasonable expectation to safety, and the parent complied with all the requirements set out by Disney to ride this particular attraction. (Ie, minimum height requirement).

    The parent is NOT at fault.

    The kid probably had some unknown pre-existing condition, and then again maybe not. I do see possible negligence liability for Disney though. (Speaking as an attorney).

    Whatever it is, it’s tragic, and it’s even more sad that people would blame the parent. There are little kids on this ride all the time – trust me, my parents have retired to Orlando, and I’ve been subject to the Epcot experience more times than I care to admit. There was nothing unusual or negligent in the parent’s behavior.

  4. Gene

    Of course the parents are to blame! What kind of a person brings a 4 year old child on a ride like that. Yes, it is Disney and yes, Disney is supposed to be “all good” but come on…parents need to think. A four year old is too young. I read a good article recently about Disney and the backstage stuff that goes on there. And even though there’s some scandals that happen, it’s still a magical place. Rob Bloom wrote an article about working there; you can read it at http://www.robbloom.com/popculture.html. Anyway, like I said before, parents need to be responsible. Yes, Disney is magical and fun, but THINK before you act!

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