Disney On Ice: Dare To Dream With Skater Moriah Tabon

When I was young, all I ever wanted to be was a princess. I wanted to be rescued from a tall tower and marry the prince. Yet, as I grew older I learned that you cant wait for someone else to save you. The only one that can truly save us–are ourselves. Only with ambition, strength and peace of mind, we can live happily ever after. Which is why I was interested in interviewing, Moriah Tabon, a skater turned Disney Princess featured in the Disney On Ice: Dare To Dream show, just in time for the holiday season.

E. Nusgart: How did you get involved with ice skating for Disney?

M. Tabon: I’ve been skating since I was 18 years old. Then, when I got older, my partner in skating decided he wanted to go to school full time. I was not sure I wanted to go to school yet so I decided to take a year off. After having jobs as a waitress, I auditioned for a bunch of companies. As a result of my 8 hour audition video, I finally got hired by Disney.

More from the interview below. 

E. Nusgart: What is it like training for Disney? I’m sure it can get really intense at times.

M. Tabon: Yeah, its a lot of fun. It can definitely be a grueling schedule sometimes, but our audience members make it worthwhile.

E. Nusgart: I have to ask, who is your favorite Disney princess?

M. Tabon: I would have to say Mulan! But The Lion King would be my favorite Disney movie.

E. Nusgart: If you weren’t doing ice skating, what would you want to do instead?

M. Tabon: I have a dance background because of skating. I would love to do that for a career and I also love yoga. After the tour I would like to become a yoga instructor.

E. Nusgart: What is your favorite thing about ice skating?

M. Tabon: I love to perform and be out on stage. Also, its rare to find a sport where women can be so beautiful yet powerful as well.