Dirty Sexy Money Sex Change

September 24th, 2007 // 6 Comments

Believe it or not, this stunning star of the new ABC series, “Dirty Sexy Money,” Candis Cayne, was actually born a man. Brendan McDaniel is the former name of the performer we see before us, who is now taking on the role of Carmelita on “Dirty Sexy Money.” Cayne is versatile on a number of levels, being a singer, dancer as well as an actress. Clearly, she looks amazing and it’s great to see transsexuals getting some exposure, but on a purely selfish note–the last thing I need another is impossibly tall, leggy, talented blonde walking around messing up my mojo. What? You didn’t know I was a hater. Well, I am.


Many more photos of the “Dirty Sexy Money” cast are after the jump.


By Lisa Timmons

  1. peachpie

    does anyone know who the guy in the brown jacket is? he’s in the fourth picture — alone. sort of doofus-y looking, but cute :)

  2. silvarga


    That’s Peter Whatshisname from Six Feet Under.

  3. good on candis!!!

    ps – china phillips = haggered!

  4. bugsy

    Peachpie – Peter Krause

  5. grams

    Charlene still looks masculine, the first time I saw here, my first reaction was man.

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