‘Dirty Dancing’ To Be Put Through The Remake Machine

Ruh roh.  Another remake is in the pipeline, this time with Dirty Dancing.  Forget what you remember about the original, including the music and THE finale lift.  All of that will be smashed, shattered and replaced by generically good-looking teens who have no respect for what came before.  Deadline Hollywood confirmed toda that Lionsgate gave the project the green light, and director/producer Kenny Ortega will helm the remake (he choreographed the original).

In a statement released today, Ortega said:

“The opportunity to direct DIRTY DANCING is like returning home for me. Growing up in the 60’s on the dance floor helped define me as a person and as an artist. I am looking forward to assembling a great creative team and an exciting cast to bring DIRTY DANCING to the screen for a new generation. Patrick Swayze set the bar for men dancing in the movies as Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire did before him. I believe everywhere you look there is evidence that the talent is out there and I can’t wait to begin the process of discovering the next breakout triple-threats.”

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No, I am not excited about this.