Dinner With Friends

Finally got together with a group of friends to celebrate Raoul Bova’s hot new Gap commercial. My best friend Nicky, Mark Ronson, Donna Hanover, Courtney Ross, Brett Butler, Raoul and I dined at Apizz (decent, but the food won’t blow you away).

Check out Raoul Bova’s Gap Commericial.

We discussed topics ranging from Raul’s lucious new commercial, Choire Schia’s fanastic transition as the new editor of Gawker, the fact that there were no The Kicker entries last Friday (was Elisabeth hung over), that fact that it’s looking like Oliver Martinez is cheating on Kylie after all (you told me you weren’t you bad boy), how Vin Diesel’s star has dimmed of late, how awful Extra is (Ben Affleck shaving his goatee is not story worthy), and how fantastic the Kill Bill soundtrack is.

Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson, whom I loathe, were dining at Apizz as well. He’s prettier than she is in person. Don’t miss the season finale tonight.

A quick get well shout out to Bob DeNiro.