Dinah Lohan Speaks Out, Lindsay Emails Access Hollywood

July 25th, 2007 // 12 Comments

Dina Lohan, Lindsay Lohan’s mother, recently spoke out about her daughter’s latest DUI arrest and subsequent return to rehab to The Insider. Dina tells the news magazine that she “won’t give up” on her daughter, who has returned to Promises in Malibu to continue her rehab treatment

“I am sick over this,” Dina says. “My children, my family, we are like prisoners in our own home because paparazzi [are stalking us] outside [our]home. Lindsay is in a safe place, and we are trying to strategically work out our next step.”

Girlfriend loves giving interviews. First, Michael Lohan talked about his daughter, then Dina and now Lindsay herself has sent an email to Billy Bush at Access Hollywood, saying that she’s “innocent.” According to the show’s website:

When Billy e-mailed Lohan asking if everything was OK and if there was anything she wanted him to get out there for her, she responded, “Yes. I am innocent… did not do drugs they’re not mine. I was almost hit by my assistant Tarin’s mom. I appreciate everyone giving me my privacy.”

Lindsay Lohan, full of Grace? Yeah, not sure if I’m buying it. In any case, TMZ is also reporting that there Lindsay may have actually been a chase victim herself, although it’s not clear who was chasing her.

Sources connected to Lindsay tell TMZ both Lindsay, who was driving a Denali, and the Escalade in front of her, driven by the mother of Lindsay’s former assistant, were both being chased in a “unsafe and threatening” manner.

Allegedly, there may have been more than one car involved in the chase. It’s not clear exactly what the hell actually happened, but I have a feeling there’s a one-armed man we should be trying to find, to clear up all of this confusion.

(The woman shown with Lindsay is not the assistant that she chased in her car.)


By Lisa Timmons

  1. Woohoo

    Well of course its not her fault .. That would just be crazy talk!! **eyes rolling**

  2. The rehab counselor who could cure her would be considered a miracle worker. If I were them, I’d consider it a career opportunity, and the first thing I would do would be to compile a reel of all these interviews her parents give about her. Then I’d show it to her and ask her if part of her problem is that she needs someone in her life who is not a succubus. Their behavior is so horrible that the minor children should be taken away IMMEDIATELY.

  3. Zekers

    Yeah, I agree Christopher. Lindsay is an adult but her coping skills are non-existent and she needs to find a genuine life with genuine people in it-if not-more of the same will follow…

  4. How self destructive can a person be? LiLo is making Britney looking normal (now that is a stretch). Also, Linds mother is really no help at all. First she complains about the paps then she gives an interview? That woman is really a disgrace, but she’s white Oprah right? Also, she’s an ex-rockette? Well, Linds is in deep.

  5. green cardigan

    I can’t get over how awful her mother is. She has so much to answer for.And Da Lohan too, but he doesn’t seem as fame hungry as Mom.

    Her daughter has obviously hit the self destruct button and Mom can’t help herself talking to the media…’I love my daughter! She’s my precious little cash cow and I’m not going to let her ruin that! I love her!’

    And Lindsay herself obviously can’t face the reality of the situation if she is saying it’s not her fault.

    What a mess. Orange Oprah needs her hair pulled out.

  6. Darth Paul

    I think it’s hilarious that DiLo is whining about the paps when it was her twatflap daughter who was always tipping them off regarding her whereabouts so she could feed her attention addiction. Tough shites! If you want exposure so desperately, you have to take the bad with the worse.

  7. Ruby Jackson

    Yeah, ok, so they weren’t her drugs (sure…), and she was being chased (right…), but she still blew a .12, and she’s not claiming someone force-fed her that booze!

  8. margaret

    My problem with this situation is constantly hearing people say “we wont give up on her” etc. She has had rehab in some of the best facilities in places that average income people that have a problem would never be able to afford. she has been arrested and has gotten out on bail for 30,000 and 20,000, again, the common person would not be able to afford or be incredibly in debt if that was there bail. She has been given countless opportunities to help herself, many opportunities that most people would never have.
    if she truly wanted to change than she would.

    If they don’t like the paparazzi then MOVE OUT OF LA! STOP going to places that paparazzi hang out in front of. I know its impossible to completely avoid them, however there are many actresses JUST as famous as her and they live a much quieter life in the public eye and have far less publicity.

  9. sp

    isn’t that shirt the same as the wallpaper at dlisted?

  10. Am

    Dumb girl. She wasn’t charged with doing drugs, she was charged with possesing. And it don’t matter who it really belonged to because of the 9/10th’s rule.

    She’s screwed legally and mentally.

  11. wednesday

    How many times have these phrases been uttered on every episode of Cops ever?:

    “No, those drugs aren’t mine.”
    “I don’t know how those got in there, someone must have put them in there.”
    “One of my friends asked me to hold on to it, I didn’t know it was drugs!”
    “These aren’t my pants, I was just borrowing them.”

    How many of these do we think Lindsay either has or will use? Anyone?

  12. hotmess

    I am so over this Lohan mess, I was about to stop reading any Lohan related stuff, when you Lisa, GODESS that you are, throw that little Arrested Development gag in there, which actually made me squee with delight.

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