Dina Lohan Unveils Shoe Line Cleverly Entitled ‘Shoe-Han’

October 8th, 2009 // Leave a Comment

Not content to let daughter Lindsay Lohan be the only purveyor of questionable fashions, stage mom, Dina Lohan, is launching her own shoe line entitled “Shoe-Han.” I’m guessing it will feature the kind of shoes, for which you’d be willing to sell your firstborn into slavery.

The reality TV dropout is kicking off the venture with an event at Trump Plaza and has also been dubbed the newest spokesmodel for lovemyshoes.com.

I’ve gotta hand it to that Dina. Her ability to brainstorm ways to avoid being a mother to her neglected children is unprecedented. She truly is one of a kind.

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at the launch of A/X Watches.

By Lisa Timmons

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