Dina Lohan: Still Talkin’


Shut up, bitch! Jesus, stop! You could give one about your family! All you care about is the spotlight, you sick harridan! God, I sound like I’m on the comment board. This old bag is STILL “releasing statements”. Enough with the statements, we get it – you suck. Your behavior is actually starting to make people feel sorry for your trashbag daughter.

First off, she felt the need to appraise us of Lindsay’s status. What Lindsay and these other freaks need to do is the Sister Act thing. Ok, bad movie but get your asses to a nunnery where there is no texting, phones, tv, radio, cable, drugs, gigolos, hoes, plastic surgery, malls, cameras, tape recorders, booze, whoreish stage mothers, red carpets, or anything present that will get your ass in trouble. Sing with the choir. Do some gardening. I’m not down with the religious crap, so I can’t recommend you read the Bible or anything. But maybe sit your ass in some quiet contemplation. And do this for six months! High atop a mountain. Damn! We need some new people to write about! Your mother isn’t helping your cause! “Irreconcilable Differences” that shit! Drop her!

Dina Lohan, tells PEOPLE her daughter is “doing well.”

But she says the whole experience has been “horrific.” In part, she says, attention from the paparazzi is making life difficult for the entire Lohan family – especially for Lindsay. “It’s hard. These are young adults – to be under the microscope is inconceivable to understand unless you are going through it. It’s scary.”

Please. Keep reading for where she takes on Donald Trump and a few more photos. SHUT UP, DINA!


Combover is another gum-flapper. He was quoted as telling her to smarten up and everything. And then he ended up with a pitch to get her on “Celebrity Apprentice”. He doesn’t let up, that one. Anyway, Dina had to “release a statement”.

Dina writes, “I’ve always had a great admiration for your business sense and I’ve read all your books and learned from them.

“Your own brother died of alcoholism and you own Trump Vodka? You say Lindsay needs new parents? Such a rash statement without backing it with fact?

“I am a single mother of four children doing what I can during this difficult time! Do a background check of both parents and you will find the truth! Shame on you… so many families suffer from this, yours included. We need solutions not opinions!”

Oh no, we need opinions. And you’ve read my solution to your troubles. My other solution is for your ass to get an actual job and stop making bids to get your face on the screen vee.