Dina Manzo Lands Her Own Reality Show. Danielle Staub’s Head Explodes.

April 8th, 2011 // 7 Comments

Us Magazine reports that former Real Housewives Of New Jersey‘s Dina Manzo landed her own reality series on HGTV.  Manzo and her employees at Design Affairs will “create lavish events in their clients’ houses” (Danielle Staub must be sh___ing herself).  Dina bowed out in the middle of RHONJ‘s second season because she couldn’t handle Staub’s antics.  Don’t worry, Housewives fans.  Dina, spotted with Alex McCord at the 8th annual Jeffrey Fashion Cares in New York last month, indicated on her Twitter page today that she’s not entirely done with Cohen & Company: “Yes even tho I’m part of the HGTV family now u will still see me on @BravoTV here & there! Sooner than you think ; ).”

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In season one of RHONJ, Dina quit her job as a wedding planner, but it seems she’s since rejoined the workforce.  HGTV’s general manager released the following statement about their Jersey edition: “Dina is an accomplished interior designer and also runs a thriving event planning business–her Real Housewives fans will be surprised to see this side of her.”

The series is set to premiere in September and hopefully will be just like Manzo’s appearance on VH1′s My Big Fat Fabulous Wedding.

By Kelly Lynch

  1. dee

    Go Dina,
    I like you and your family all of the Manzo clan, the lil ones to the big ones! I respect the way you handled garbage without getting your hands dirty, big ups from a dark sister in Canadaland! The Manzo family rocks as does my girl Teresa, Caroline,Lauren,Jacks and her fam. Tell it like it is baby and don’t look back. Huge support from barely middle class but living my way! You shone evry step of the way, which I had a sister like Caroline or a site period. You make reality tv more than an interesting time waster ;) Wise ou and all the ladies an gent ll the success you deserve.
    You should all be proud. Tsk Tsk, don’t fret cause most cars only need 4 wheels! You all proved that.


  2. Lana

    Oh please…, That Dina is just so full of herself. What will she design – mirrors (that she can place around the rooms… so that she can look at herself and tell herself that she is beautiful)? BTW, I heard that Dina really left the RHONJ show because of a desire for much more cash. Like the other old girls on the show it was just very convenient to blame it all on Danielle Staub.

    • Sam

      Danielle, is that you (or Beverly or whatever white trash name you wanna go by)? I’ve seen this same comment by you on several sites. Get a life…or have you been dumped by you crappy new show already?

    • LA viewer

      Oh~please! Was Dina the one who hid behind of her thug sister every time she involved in catty issues? She couldn’t even stand up for herself. I don’t know how she will be able to handle herself in her own show. I’m sure that her thug sister will show up AGAIN in her own show. btw her interior design is too 80′s. Who cares about Danielle Staub? She is already long gone.

    • Lana

      Sam, I am Lana and I have the right to post my opinion. BTW are you a guy or a girl trying to be a guy? Hmmm, maybe that’s why you are just so into Dina… Regardless, don’t bother me – you sick freak.

    • Lana

      LA viewer – Dina hid behind her thug sister Caroline Manzo all the time – you are correct on that. Dina was also the one who met Danielle and tried to tell her off about not wanting to see her – and Dina really showed everyone that she is a fool as she ran away from Danielle (swearing all the way out the door like the filthy mouth she is). I wonder if big sister Caroline will be on the show to help Dina – in case someone is not nice to her… sick.

  3. Concetta

    What ever happened to Danielle Staub? did she find her mother? AIs sh really Italian? she looks Jewish.

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