Dina Lohan Set To Sue ‘Glee’

In yet another obvious moment of Dina Lohan being a fame whore, apparently she’s going after the creators and writers of the Fox show Glee, which this week featured a scene in which Gwyneth Paltrow, playing a substitute Spanish teacher, instructed her students in the language by asking them questions related to Lindsay Lohan.

Now, guess what – it was hilarious. She asks the students if Lindsay is totally crazy and asks how many times she’s been in rehab and then asks them to get into groups to discuss how many times she’s been there.

Dina told Gossip Cop, “Our lawyers are sending a letter to Glee on the grounds that the show allegedly defamed the actress who, by all accounts, is working hard on her recovery.

A rep for Lohan adds, “Lindsay has an issue that millions of people around the world are dealing with yet Glee is treating addiction as a laughing matter.”

No, Glee didn’t treat addiction as a laughing matter, it treated Lindsay Lohan as a laughing matter – because she is. And you know why she is? Because she’s been to rehab at least 5 times! Cinco! And nothing seems more pathetic than people who have fucked up their lives going around basically saying, “Stop making fun of me!”