Dieux You Fancy A Little Rugby?

October 20th, 2005 // 23 Comments

While the Dieux du Stade : Calendar 2006 has been making the rounds on other sites, it’s about time it was featured here as well. As the work day is winding down, I thought everyone could use a little pick me up, so here are some of the men from the calendar. Here we have Julien Arias and Will Matthews.

Two more of my favorites after the jump.

And Rémy Martin (more tasty than the Cognac) and Romain Froment.

Get your copy of the calendar here

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Girly Girl

    Um, I think the footballs are compensating for a little steroid induced shortcoming….

    And I have 2 words for ya’ll~ 4 if you count the extras Miu added after the jump:

    Gay. Gay. Gay. Gay.

  2. MeSoHorny

    Who cares if they’re gay??

  3. happy hour

    I’m lovin’ the eye candy. New Screensaver!

  4. Kelly

    my god… beautiful and not gay :)


    I wish I was a rugby ball……

  6. Kara

    Oh my god – usually not one for the nudie men pics much – but YUM!!! See also: Rowr!

  7. Silasdog

    Girly Girl is on to something, I think those guys have nutsacks about the size of a lima bean.

  8. Cattt

    Oh yessssssssss! I want to licky-licky…

  9. emma

    The guy to the right has a hot body, but his face looks like he is 15.

  10. Rita

    That Will Mattews is HOT. I would so hit that.

  11. Jerra

    Yeah, So sexy but 2 bad they’re most likely gay…:-(

  12. bailey

    men doing poses naked….not attractive

  13. Verity

    Not usually a fan of men posing naked myself, but I’ll take an exception with Will in this one – he looks hot.

    Having said that, Remy and Romain definitely have asses to be proud of… lol

  14. netty

    Ewww, who’s attracted to a naked gay guy? And what did they have to do for these shots??

  15. Aly

    Who cares if they are gay, still easy on the eyes. That made my day!

  16. CityKitty

    Normally I’d agree with you on the gay assessment, not that I mind– but in this case they are all professional rugby players. Not likely that they are ALL gay…

  17. ME

    Frederic Michalak is missing this year…bummer.

  18. DAMN!!!!!! HELLO!!!! Me wanty!!!!

  19. collette

    eeks, i wouldn’t wanna touch that rugby ball afterwards… the last two look a little gay.

  20. they look hot, too bad you dont

    These men aren’t gay, get over it! Why is everytime a man is looking good and want to show off his toned sculpted bod he’s gay? Puhleeze, brothers look fine as hell and yes I wish I was a rugby ball too!

  21. aey

    Will Mattews he’s always my idol.
    I love him so much

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