‘Die Hard’ New York Premiere is a Family Affair

Bruce Willis was joined by Demi, Rumer, Tallulah Belle and Ashton Kutcher at the New York City premiere of “Live Free or Die Hard.” While Bruce didn’t raise the girls in the Hollywood spotlight, although Rumer has surely taken a liking to it.

My kids weren’t raised in the glare of public life. For the first 13 years of their life, they were raised in a tiny little town in the mountains [Hailey, ID]. [Demi Moore and I] just talked to them. We said, ‘This is what is allowed. This is what’s OK in our family. This is how I feel about things in the world, and this is the difference between right and wrong.’

The three aren’t television or movie enthusiasts either, which pleases Bruce, 52, immensely. Rather, they’re all fans of the outdoors, not to mention the world. Scout has decided to go on a foreign exchange program in Europe – which could account for her absence at the Live Free or Die Hard premiere.

She did all her own homework on it and told us where she wanted to go and why. She’s a pretty phenomenal kid. She knows what she wants to do and she sets goals for herself.

Does Bruce have a favorite?


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