Diddy’s Kinda Over, At Least In The South Of France

July 30th, 2007 // 3 Comments

The walls are crumbling for Sean Combs. He used to be hot shit in St. Tropez, with Fonzworth Bentley carrying his umbrella and Kristal-soaked socialite parties. Now his ass can’t even get a table at the hot club! That’s what sleeping with Sienna Miller will do to you! Her stuff is tainted and will destroy you.

Sources at St. Tropez hotspot Les Caves – where the rapper was once a regular fixture – told Page Six that when the daddy of four showed up at the club Thursday night, he was refused a table.

“He is so B-List here,” said the snitch. “No one even acknowledges him.”

Ouchie. Is it over? His ladyfriend up and took the kids to L.A. and he can’t even get a table near the kitchen! Or one of those standing areas near the bar where there’s a least a little ledge to prop your drink on. The waitress will keep shoving you as she goes by, but still – you got in! Things haven’t been the same for this cat since Biggie passed.


More photos of Sean Combs in St. Tropez are after the jump.


By J. Harvey

  1. LoRider

    I expect we’ll get a remix of someone else’s talent and get to hear about how he misses Biggie soon. Maybe he just needs to re-work his name again. How about simply removing the vowels? Ride Lo

  2. Interloper

    maybe the dude should try DOING something for a living that doesn’t involve exploiting other people’s talents and slapping his name on them. Just a though there Diddy.

    Incidentally, “Diddy” is an insult in the UK that little four year olds would use. It’s not complimentary.

  3. nymphetomine

    Thank god. I hate this so called man. He’s not the hot shit he thinks he is & a wonderful dad. He’s such an ass faced man-whore.

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