Diddy O’Day’s Baby-Daddy?


Any inclusion of Sean Combs and his nickname in a title I’m writing, invariably ends up sounding like baby talk. Which is an interesting coincidence, since there is talk that “Danity Kane” group member, Aubrey O’Day might be pregnant and that the father is none other than the creator of the group, Sean Combs. Media Take Out claims to have the inside scoop, from a source at Bad Boy:

The tipster explains, “People here are always gossiping, so at first I didn’t listen to them. But I swear … now Aubrey is beginning to show.”

And as for the parentage of the child, the source goes on to reveal:

“Everyone knows she had something going on with [Diddy]. It makes a lot of sense that he would be the father.” But the tipster adds, “I really hope Diddy didn’t [get her pregnant], because this could turn into a real mess … imagine if she sued for [sexual] harassment.”

If this does happen to be true, it would put Diddy’s admitted baby-mama count at four women. Does the man have an addiction to paying child support, or what? Seriously, having sex with him is like playing the lottery–actually, I bet the odds are actually better, which makes me surprised that I haven’t tried it myself. Also, call me old-fashioned, but the hooker make-up just doesn’t look quite right on a pregnant woman.

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