Diddy O’Day’s Baby-Daddy?

March 29th, 2007 // 33 Comments


Any inclusion of Sean Combs and his nickname in a title I’m writing, invariably ends up sounding like baby talk. Which is an interesting coincidence, since there is talk that “Danity Kane” group member, Aubrey O’Day might be pregnant and that the father is none other than the creator of the group, Sean Combs. Media Take Out claims to have the inside scoop, from a source at Bad Boy:

The tipster explains, “People here are always gossiping, so at first I didn’t listen to them. But I swear … now Aubrey is beginning to show.”

And as for the parentage of the child, the source goes on to reveal:

“Everyone knows she had something going on with [Diddy]. It makes a lot of sense that he would be the father.” But the tipster adds, “I really hope Diddy didn’t [get her pregnant], because this could turn into a real mess … imagine if she sued for [sexual] harassment.”

If this does happen to be true, it would put Diddy’s admitted baby-mama count at four women. Does the man have an addiction to paying child support, or what? Seriously, having sex with him is like playing the lottery–actually, I bet the odds are actually better, which makes me surprised that I haven’t tried it myself. Also, call me old-fashioned, but the hooker make-up just doesn’t look quite right on a pregnant woman.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. lookwhaticando

    Oh, and I am willing to bet his stupid girlfriend will stay with him. This guy is beyond a creep.

  2. stanley

    I guess its true that money does make you attractive because there is no other explanation for this.

  3. Melissa

    I saw them open for Christina in San Diego and I thought Aubrey looked heavy and her outfit wasn’t flattering at all on her. This was a month ago so that would sound about right. Hmmm….

  4. mkithrt

    first cassie, then the chick from cherish, now this chick!

    is there anyone on the bad boy label that he wont impregnate?!

    hot. mess.

  5. Why is Danity Kane still around?

    Also, kudos to lookwhaticando–how many times has Diddy cheated on her and she’s STILL with him? Guess money CAN buy you anything.

  6. -A

    Penis Diddy, is the baby daddy of Anna Nicole Smith’s baby. Pass it on.

  7. lookwhaticando

    BombShell – Thanks, You know NO one with even look at that nerdy looking geek, if not for his money. I say she is still a fool, the money is not worth it.

  8. Apres Ski

    Diddy’s creating a children’s line of clothing and he needs models. You know his designer’s are sketching as we speak . . .


  9. Apres Ski

    Oops, (spelling) designers

  10. MJK

    Blonde Extentions…check
    Fake Green Contacts…check
    Pancake make-up…check
    Heavy Duty False Eyelashes…check

    GEEZ! If she is that unattractive WITH make-up…

    Diddy is a disgusting human period. He make his fortune off of a “friends” death and hopefully Karma will sooner (hopefully) or later bitch-slap Sean Combs (and he’ll hear Biggie ringing in his ears).

  11. sweet pea

    No, I don’t think she is pregnant. I just a video of her with her boyfriend on TMZ or something. But, one of the other blogs is saying Cassie is pregnant with his baby because she was his side chick too. They had a picture of her and it did look a little suspect. Maybe that is why we haven’t heard from her since her song came out.

  12. me

    they’re all sluts. They bat fake eyelashes and sleep with money. AND? Yawwwwwnnnn.

  13. Lola Lola

    YIKESA! She looks like Tammy Faye…if that’s what pregnancy does to a girl, I’m staying a boy

  14. sandie

    Since the band sucks, at least she needs to secure her future w/ her baby’s child support money.

    She has too much make up.

    I don’t thiink P. Diddy is that bad looking, I think he’s kind of sexy…

  15. GDS

    Poor men will also cheat and not pay child support. At least Diddy will provide for the alleged baby. That’s probably why his girlfriend stays around – who else will give her that lifestyle?

  16. Lysette

    Orange glow from fake tanner … check.

  17. Harinna

    Kim need to pack her shit and leave for real he trying to populate a damn country and don’t give a crap about you leave and get stacks of money this is crazy with him. and he not even hot

  18. Harinna

    Kim need to pack up and leave for real he trying to populate a damn country and don’t give a crap about you leave and get stacks of money this is crazy with him. and he not even hot

  19. Karina-Karina

    Well it’s not like Diddy slept with himself. All the women who keep spreading their legs for him are to blame also. Men like Diddy don’t even have to ask women to sleep with them… women are just willing. So let’s keep it real here!

  20. Diva DeeJay

    I’ve always said that MTV only aired the semifinals of the stardom competition.

    The ultimate “prize” for those young women was a Diddy produced solo career. And I’m sure this competition, which couldn’t be aired on TV, required sleeping with more peeps than Diddy.

    “How BAD do you want it?” indeed!

  21. Honey

    YUK…they are both ugly…….so that is gonna be one ugly kid if its true

  22. ConcernedFan....

    Firstly I love AOD and SoMe of ya’ll need to stop hatin. She is gorgeous!! However that Zit Faced Proactiv Using Diddy gets on my last nerve, he thinks he’s the shit, and he is not even cute. If this rumor is true i will be crushed that she slept with that old man…YUK! And she is too young to be havin a kid. P.S. We saw them in concert too and some of my friends thought Aubrey looked a little heavy. I denied it but…now i’m not too sure =( hopefully it is just a rumor. Still love her tho. =)

  23. Commenterrrrr

    Man you guys ARE haterrs. You just found the worst picture you could find of her with alot of makeup on (Which she doesn’t normally wear that much) and made any bad comments you can find. Aubrey’s my grl.

  24. marissa

    yah i dont think she has enough make up on. she used to be hot! but then she went and got all cakey.

  25. Saul

    FYI, this wouldn’t bring Diddy’s baby mama count to 4. It would bring it to 3. He has a son, Justin, from a previous relationship, and another son and a set of twin girls with Kim Porter. Kim also has another son from a previous relationship. Damn, that’s a whole lotta babies in that fucked up family.

  26. ThisStoryisBS

    This is so untrue it’s not even funny. She’s not pregnant! She has gained a little weight but that comes with being on the road and only having fast food cause there’s no time to eat a healthy meal. DK eats healthy but they’re so busy they’ve jsut been grabbing what they can they are so busy, no time. And FYI in that picture she’s wearing a loose shirt not what she usually wears. She has a great figure and she’s a tiny girl. I’ll be seeing her in a week and I can bet all you haters she ain’t fat or pregnant!

  27. FUG

    Not only is she HIDEOUS but she’s also talentless. She’s always been really ugly hiding behind 1000 hair extnsions. I’m so sick of these worthless reality tv losers. Ugh!

  28. youallarestupid


  29. She has waaay too much makeup on.

  30. Jules

    Aubrey is not pregnant…here it is straight from Danity Kane:


    Y’all need to stop hating :)

  31. Mimi

    I love Aubrey. She’s the most talented out of all the girls. I don’t care what anyone says. I thinks she’s pregnant!

  32. MsPeru2008

    Have you heard aubrey?? the girl can sing!!! The whole reality band making thing seems kinda lame…but if you think about it, all artist at some point in their careers must have a diddy type in their lifes (money (Diddy) = Prodiction, marketing…and possibly a musical career!!! Its up to them to handle producers coming on to them accoording to their morals. But talent wise …Danity kane is hott! but with fame comes h a t e r s in every direction! yaawnnnnnn to that. Each one of those girls rock it out!

  33. Dee

    Aubrey started out hot, beautiful and sweet. Eager for stardom. Her attitude stinks now, but not for nothing if the girl isn’t pregnant, then shame on her for letting herself go. Shame on Diddy for having her image be one who represents the band. She does not fit in- she looks awful and old.

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