Diddy Is King of the FiFi

The 2007 Fragrance Foundation (FiFi) Awards made Sean Puffy…(er…Diddy…or is it just Puffy, whatever he is going by these days) winner of the 2007 Men’s Fragrance of the Year. His Estee Lauder endorsed cologne, Unforgivable, took home the award and left Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren empty handed.

Starpulse notes that winning the award “[makes] Combs only the second African American – after Michael Jordan – to win a FiFi award.”

It’s Monday people, give me a break.

Itching to voice your thoughts on Dina Lohan? Famesters has a place for you. (Can we say child welfare services?) Or, more importantly, the Sopranos met their end. I have heard nothing but terrible reviews. It is also reported that HBO’s site crashed due to the all the Sopranos fans logging their complaints! What did you think?

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