Diddy Cashes In On Breakup

Sean Combs wasted little time in transforming the end of his relationship into dough. He’s released a song and video about the end of his relationship with Kim Porter called “Through The Pain aka Kim Porter”. Subtle.
The video debuted on BET last week.

Hip-hop Web site Sohh.com reports Combs created the music video as a response to Porter’s appearance on CNN discussing their breakup. “This is how he’s coming back,” the site says. “Basically it’s like, ‘You’re putting me through hell.’ “

If you’ll recall, Kim took the kids and split for Cali after she had enough of Diddy’s alleged dalliances with various hoes, including Sienna Miller. How did she put HIM through hell? Dumbass. You cheated on her left and right! I don’t see a ring on her finger! I do see several mil in child support for the rest of your life, though.