Did Lindsay Lohan Flood Harry Morton’s Condo on Purpose?


Lindsay’s saying no of course. Apparently, Lindsay’s condo is right above Harry’s, and there was a little flooding problem that caused $150,000 worth of damage to Morton’s condo.

Security staff at the posh complex claim they gained entry to Lohan’s vacant apartment last month after Morton reported the flood – and found “water overflowing in the bathtub.”

In his report, the security officer wrote, “It seems that they left the faucet on. I turned it off.”

But the incident report has left Lohan baffled because she claims she was in New York when the flood took place, even though video footage suggests the actress/singer was partying in Los Angeles on the night in question.

A spokeswoman for Lohan tells TMZ.com, “We’re very suspicious.”

It was Lindsay’s even twin!