Did Harriet Miers Withdraw Because Of Impending Scandal?

October 28th, 2005 // 3 Comments

We’re just asking. Everything seemed to be going fine for Harriet Miers, and then out of the blue she abruptly withdrew her nomination for the lifetime job on the Supreme Court. What gives? The rumor is, that she’s worried about the revelation of her secret love child that she had with Old DeBarge coming to surface.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. My first thought was that perhaphs her resignation had something to do with the CIA leak scandal. The timing seemed to connect, and it would make sense for George W. Bush to have one of his cronies on the Supreme Court.

    But the more I thought about it, I realized the two were probably not connected. I theorize that she resigned because even she realized she didn’t have the creditials and experience to be on the Supreme Court. Also, she was smart enough to realize that she would get eaten alive at the confirmation hearings.

    President Bush has made some extremely stupid decisions in his lifetime, but none have been as inane, politically, as this nomination. It should say something when both Democrats AND die-hard Republicans are criticizing Miers’s nomination.

  2. caro

    My mom says it’s ok that she’s not a judge, it’s a learn on the job sort of thing. So I just requested my nomination. I’m no lawyer, but at least I’m cute…

  3. Johnny Chicago

    Sorry I can’t be more chatty folks. I’ve been partying over here for 48 hours straight and I blew out my voice box screaming for the White Sox, so now I’m at home wating. At least until tonight, then my medication should be here. Until then, I’m listening to random stuff like George Michael’s “Too Funky” and Fear Factory’s remake of “Cars with Gary Numan.

    She withdrew because she was gonna nut BIGTIME out of her wet-n-wild strap in Bush the FAG’s ASS and he said, “No, sweetie, just cum on my back.”

    Actually, she pulled out because she didn’t know shit and WE ALL KNOW she probably swallowed a few times for him in the past – but not as many as former lover/now puppet-master Karl Rove did!


    Anyway, as a last word for today? Mr. Sulu is GAY. Just came out of the closet. Look it up, fool! My inital response was “You think?”

    Have a loud weekend!

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