Diddy’s Dalliance Documented

Holy crapola. Although appearances may be deceiving, they’re plenty “accurate” enough for this blogger to indulge in some really awesome speculation.

It appears that TMZ may have some incriminating footage of Sean (“I’m Not Even Going To Hazard A Guess At His Proper Nickname Anymore”) Combs very generously giving Sienna Miller a drop to her NYC hotel early Monday morning. The two were spotted together that evening, heartily enjoying the NYC nightlife. Perhaps they were continuing the festivities they started when they were reportedly spotted together at TAO nightclub at Sundance.

Also, it seems that once Combs realized his ass was caught on tape, he hustled a bodyguard over to try and persuade the photographer to get rid of his footage. I’m really hoping that somehow, Joey Greco had a hand in all of this.