Did Colin Farrell Get It On With A Drag Queen

June 24th, 2005 // 6 Comments

Say it isn’t so. Colin and a drag queen.

Miami is buzzing about Colin Farrell hooking up with the illustrious drag sensation Elaine Lancaster during a recent party at the Versace mansion. It seems at some point during the party, Colin retired to one of the bedrooms and was seen rolling around by himself, moaning and whatnot (as you do at parties like that). Then the lovely and irrepressable Miss Lancaster was seen going into the room and shutting the door behind her. Two hours later, Colin emerged badly disheveled, unbuttoned, unzipped, and with her shocking-pink lipstick all over his face.

I guess he prefers any blond.

The St. James Version [WOW Report]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Anon

    Colin is a big ‘ol homo. It’s a poorly kept secret that he was Kevin Spacey’s rent boy for a while until he hit it big (with Kevin’s help). Please. The guy is gay gay gay. Too bad he had a kid.

  2. Beth

    I wouldn’t be surprised if he was bi.

  3. james cubby

    I happen to be very good friends with Elaine Lancaster and all types of men are attracted to her. She is beautiful outside and of spirit. She has had many lovers some famous, some not. If Colin did or didn’t have an affair with Elaine Lancaster why does anybody care. They are two people who have needs too.

  4. Who are the other famous people elaine lancaster has been with? I would like to know!

  5. lala

    This things are usually kept under wraps and if I’m not mistaken this has happened befor with Mr.Farrel, I woun’t discusse when and were but it has happened before.

  6. Chalk one up for the chalk outline

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