Did Britney Fall Asleep On The Job?

Britney Spears spent her New Year’s Eve notoriously passing out at the Pure nightclub in Las Vegas. And–as most of these little starlets do–she had her PR team rack their collective brains to try and come up with an excuse that somewhat lessened the impression that the mother of two was partying out of control. Only, it turns out, their “she fell asleep,” excuse pissed off Pure by implying that it’s a snooze-fest and now they only want to pay her half of her appearance fee. From the New York Daily News:

Britney’s rep dismissed the story. A club mouthpiece insisted her remuneration was “less than half” of $400,000 and that she wasn’t penalized for leaving early. “Britney had a great time,” said the spokeswoman. “We love her and can’t wait for her to come back.”

More details from an insider are after the jump.

Brit’s Eve leave nets her zero [New York Daily News]


But an insider familiar with the club says: “The moment a celebrity gets into one of those deals they are on the clock. They are watched to the minute, and they are not allowed to leave early. It’s a contractual obligation.”

“OMG, y’all. You mean, you wanted me to show up to the party and NOT fall asleep? That’s like so strict. You guys are like stricter than those people who trained me when I worked at Cracker Barrel for a week.”

That last sentence was actually me and not a part of my stellar Britney impression.