Did Bill O’Reilly Offer “Hush Money?”

More and more salacious details emerge in this scandal. Allegedly, Bill O’Reilly offered Andrea Mackris some hush money.

Bill O’Reilly accuser turned down $2 million to make her sexual harassment complaint disappear, sources told the Daily News.
Lawyers for Fox News had proposed the $2 million settlement to Andrea Mackris and her lawyer Benedict Morelli, sources at Fox told The News. The negotiations took place days before Mackris filed her suit. But Mackris and Morelli thumbed their noses at the money, the sources said, and suggested that $60 million was a more appropriate starting point. [NYDN]

Andrea Mackris filed new charges against Bill O’Reilly, saying that she lost her job at FOX news because of the lawsuit she filed.

The amended lawsuit says Fox’s “removal” of Mackris from her job “is in direct retaliation for her complaints of sexual harassment and a sexually hostile work environment at defendants Fox.” It is a violation of New York law to fire an employee who complains of sexual harassment. [1010wins.com]

And it wouldn’t be a FOX sex scandal without some pornstar connection.

If Bill O’Reilly needs someone to talk him through his sexual-harassment scandal, porn star Savanna Samson says he should just pick up the phone. Samson and fellow Vivid Entertainment actress Sunrise Adams were surprised last week to be drawn into the legal battle between the Fox News pundit and “O’Reilly Factor” producer Andrea Mackris. Mackris has claimed in her lawsuit that it was “on or about Aug. 2,” after O’Reilly had interviewed Samson and Adams on his show, that he called the producer and “launched into a vile and degrading monologue about sex.” [NYDN]

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