Did You Know Keri Russell Enjoys The “Vulnerability And Sexuality” Of Her Character In ‘The Americans’?

Erin Cosgrove | February 25, 2014 - 11:30 am

Dream Come True
Have you watched Keri in Austenland?
Have you ever heard the phrase “sex sells”? Well, of course you have. One thing we know is that strategy always works. It’s practically foolproof.

On The Americans, the Communist spies are willing to use anything – including their bodies – to get what they most desire.

Star of the popular show, Keri Russell, who was best known for her role in Felicity prior to this, has absolutely no problem discussing her favorite parts of the role she has become so comfortable with.

While speaking in a recent interview, she shared, “I enjoy the vulnerability and sexuality of her and continually interested in mining the relationships. It’s all very fun.”

Spies often need to deceive people, right? That holds true even when it comes to their sexual relationships. Unlike movies and most shows, there is no romance behind the sex. These characters are doing it for pleasure and information.

“You’re usually using the sexuality, at least in the spy end of it, to get something,” Russell explained. Can I get a yay for deception?

The show is a hit, tying with Justified as the most-watched first season of any FX drama series.

The Americans returns tomorrow, Feb. 26 at 10pm. Don’t miss it to see some sexy, ass kicking action!