Did Selena Gomez Lose Her Virginity To Justin Bieber?

Selena Gomez Looking Good
Selena even looks flawless while pumping gas.
Their relationship is over and Justin Bieber has moved on – but did Selena Gomez give him too much to forget about him?

Selena Gomez was spotted today grabbing lunch at Cici’s with a friend, perhaps to vent to her about the latest leaked news about her personal life. A source close to Justin Bieber revealed that Selena Gomez lost her virginity to Justin while they were dating. Maybe that’s why she seems so upset about him lately? 

The source said that the pair planned a trip to Palm Springs during the summer of 2011 just so that they could do the deed. Justin may be kind of a brat, but that’s still sort of romantic. Though I guess the romance didn’t last long.

Justin has recently been involved with Chantal Jeffries, much to Selena’s dismay. Despite their split, Selena has still been getting publicly upset over the teen singer. When she hears he’s talking about their personal life she might decide he’s a jerk and move on for good. I’m pretty sure that she can do better.

Also, nice sweater you’re wearing out to lunch, Selena. Did you know that your friend Taylor Swift has the same one? Talk about best friends. Who wore it better? My vote is for Selena. Sorry, TSwift.