Did Lindsay Lohan Get Into Another Fight At The Standard? [PHOTOS]

Cripes, almighty.  It’s a Wednesday night and Lindsay Lohan should be at home reading 50 Shades of Grey.  Instead, she’s tooling around West Hollywood, looking for trouble.

According to TMZ, Lohan arrived at The Standard’s Smoke and Mirrors nightclub on Sunset Boulevard last night (April 18th), the same spot where she allegedly pushed a women two weeks ago.  A friend drove Lindsay’s car to the hotel (Lohan was in the passenger seat) and hit another car while parking.  Awesome. 

Witnesses told the site that Lohan then called up dad Michael Lohan…because he’ll know what to do?  Low and behold, Michael showed up and they went into the bar together.  TMZ reports that neither Lohan drank alcohol.

Jus before closing, Lindsay got into it with a patron in the next booth who made a rude comment about father and daughter showing up at the bar together.  Lindsay heard this and yelled to the girl, “Shut the f*** up!”  Before you can say, “Lips So Puffy!” the girl threw a drink on Lohan, who was then grabbed by her father and escorted out of Smoke and Mirrors.

So much fun.