Did Katie Holmes Get A Tattoo?

People are curious as to what that Henna tattoo on Katie Holmes’ wrist means.  The Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark star took Suri on some errands in Beverly Hills, letting the bracelet-like tatt show.  According to Contact Music, the temporary tatt, which features two chains running around the wrist, was inspired by Victoria Beckham’s big-girl tattoo to celebrate ten years of marriage to husband David.  Beckham’s tattoo, written in Hebrew on the inside of her wrist, translates to “Together, Forever, Eternally.”

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The Daily Mail speculates that Holmes’ henna tattoo represents her marriage to Tom Cruise (whether it means “I love you for eternity,” or “This contract will last eternity” is between the two parties).  It’s been reported that the hubby “desperately” tried to talk Holmes out of getting an actual tattoo, so she opted for the Henna instead.  So many thoughts come to mind as to why Cruise didn’t want her going ahead with it.  So many.

Holmes needs to burn those booties she wore today in Beverly Hills.