Did Kanye West Tweet A Naked Photo Of Kim Kardashian On Twitter? [PHOTO]

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After Kanye West posted a lady’s naked snap clicked from behind on Twitter, Kim K started trending worldwide. Reason: the hour-glass figure and the rapper’s romantic involvement with the reality TV star made Tweeple mistake her for Kim Kardashian while actually the pic is of Amia Miley.

However, West deleted the pic immediately but the damage was already done. The picture went viral as on Twitter it was assumed to be of the American socialite’s.

Amia Miley (@amiamiley) clarified saying: “im not going 2 argue about whether that pic is me or not.. want proof? look at the back dimple piercings. kim k doesn’t have those (sic).”

Check out the pic and judge for yourself.

Kanye West poses nude Twitter pic

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