Did Justin Bieber Beat Up His Neighbor?

Justin Bieber Sans Shirt
Justin Bieber shows off his abs once again!
Justin Has Wings!
The pop star wore wings during a show in the UK.
The Justin Bieber Sex Doll
Oh no! Justin gets naughty?
• Justin Bieber’s public meltdown continues as he now adds battery charges to his ever-growing resume. TMZ reports that after Justin got back from his overseas concert run, he got into ‘an altercation’ with a neighbor this morning.

• This is what 2000 calories looks like as different types of foods.

• As she retires from “singing” (and posing) with the Spice Girls and settles (back) into life in London, Victoria Beckham is making it clear that going forward, she is all fashion, all the time.

• Jennifer Lawrence is definitely one of the most liked actresses in Hollywood.  Is it her casual personality? Her ability to laugh at herself? Her grounded hotness? According to Jen, it’s none other than her family keeping her from Hollywood douchebaggery.

• Sarah Jessica Parker hasn’t been shy about her dismay over the Sex and the City prequel, The Carrie Diaries. While she doesn’t mind the young actress who plays a younger version of her famous Carrie Bradshaw character, AnnaSophia Robb, she just seems rather perplexed about why such a show was necessary in the first place.

• World War Z is of course an upcoming zombie-apocalypse film produced by and starring Brad Pitt which hits theaters later this summer on June 21. The film is based on the post-apocalyptic horror novel World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War by Max Brooks. The new poster for the film is freaky-scary.

• Oh oh. We have a new entry into the “Maybe This Famous Person Ripped Me Off” category: Brooklyn designer Haleh Nematzadeh says Yoko Ono stole her designs for her latest collaboration with NYC brand Opening Ceremony.

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