Did Coutney Stodden Look In The Mirror Before Wearing This Outfit To A Children’s Store?

Courtney's White Bikini
Don't get self tanner on that!
People that I still don’t understand: Courtney Stodden.

The sort of reality star/person most famous for sporting stripper heels in public was spotted in Los Angeles yesterday (May 7) wearing an incredibly revealing outfit to Kitson Kids. Yes, you read that right. Kids.

Apparently in the mind of Courtney, hot pants and a laced satin top paired with the highest of high stripper heels was the appropriate fashion choice for checking out a kids store. Umm, does this boggle anyone else’s mind? 

Or should we stop being boggled by Courtney? If you’ll recall, this is the same woman who wore hot pants a crop top to the pumpkin patch. Oh yeah, and there was also that bra she wore to go jogging. Oh Courtney, I appreciate that you’re clearly just you.

Launch the gallery to check out all the pictures of Courtney’s kids store fashion. Think it’s appropriate or should she have covered up? Sound off in the comments!