Janice Dickinson Would Like a Side of Paranoia with Her Crazy

The Queen of Crazy herself, Janice Dickinson is engaged here in some heavy reading, while on the coast of Miami beach with her boyfriend. And even though she’s with someone new, she can’t quite seem to get her ex, Sylvester Stallone out of her head. Janice has been telling the media that Stallone needs to watch out, saying, “If he doesn’t shut his big mouth, I’m going to really tell everybody what he did to me.” Oh, you all know how much I love a good Janice Dickinson threat.

The two reportedly almost had a run-in at a hotel in Los Angeles, when she walked into the lobby to find that a “Rambo 4″ press event was being held there. According to a witness, “She grabbed a busboy and started yelling, ‘He knows I’m here! He knows I’m here!’ She then quickly disappeared.” Apparently, Stallone then implied that Janice was making such a scene in order to get attention, which is SO totally not her style, the demure little lotus blossom that she is. Janice has reacted by saying that in addition to witnessing the action star take steroids, he also administered them to her as well during their course of their relationship. Well, that would certainly explain a lot…like the package I suspect she’s packing downstairs.

Photos: Bauer-Griffin Online

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Photos: Bauer-Griffin Online