Richard Branson Tries to Bring Sexy Back to Flying

The man behind the Virgin brand, Richard Branson, has just launched his latest entrepreneurial venture. Virgin America will be offering flights within the U.S. between a limited number of cities initially, but hopes to expand by luring customers in by providing stylish service at a reasonable cost. Using such gimmicks as “mood” lighting inside the plane and goofy nicknames for the aircraft themselves (Virgin & Tonic, Mac Daddy, An Airplane Named Desire, etc.), Branson and company are hoping to position themselves as the airline for the “cool kids.” And to kick off the airline’s inception, Branson invited celebrities like Rachel Hunter and Haylie Duff along for a ride, according to the L.A. Times.

“It’s kind of fun chatting on an airplane,” actress Haylie Duff typed into her tiny hand-held keyboard. Messaging from her seat to another several rows ahead, she gushed, “Loov the tiny TVs and the chats.”

This stuff does sound nice, but I have to admit that unless they offer a morphine drip so that I can be completely unconscious during the entire process, I’ll still always hate getting on a plane.