Diaz and Aniston Discuss The Guy Who Did Their Nosejobs

February 28th, 2007 // 8 Comments


Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Aniston had a plastic surgery-klatch about the dude who worked rhinoplasty miracles for them. I don’t see a difference. But I’m sure when you’re a neurotic Hollywood-type, a miniscule shaving of flesh can make you a new woman.

Cameron Diaz, 34, couldn’t stop gushing to Jennifer Aniston, 38, about a certain mystery man the two have in common, as the duo partied the evening away at the Night Before Oscar party at the Beverly Hills Hotel on February 24.

Who was this mystery man? None other than Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Raj Kanodia, the man behind Diaz and Aniston’s recent rhinoplasty surgeries. (Aniston went under the knife on January 20, while Diaz had hers done last November). While Diaz, 34, gushed to Aniston that her nose was “the nose my nose always wanted to be,” she also couldn’t help raving about Kanodia’s spiritual side and the impact it’s had on her life.

I love how they keep repeating Cameron’s age. She must adore that. No wonder why she’s taken to lying around public parks and smoking herb and not caring. People keep rubbing in how decrepit she is. She’s practically dust. A big pile of dust with yellowed dentures. And maybe one of those canes that ends in a miniature walker.

By J. Harvey

  1. tj

    Aniston sucks it hard. Biggest phony in all of Hollyrock.

  2. Look at those honkers

    Jennifer is such a fraud. She should just get a full head transplant.

  3. jasmine

    weird how in just a few short years these two who once had it all are just so over—they’re too old for their schtick. Younger, more talented ones are on their heels: Scarlett, Lindsay (if she stays cool), Natalie, et al..
    They’re both whiny, self-absorbed and shallow. Both have bypassed having kids which would be fine ‘cept they seem to always need a new boyfriend to cling to and to give them cache. They don’t look to be ones to age gracefully and neither one has the face that’ll look better with plastic surgery either….Sucks to be them.

  4. erica

    Rowr!! Jasmine sounds like you’re a little too catty with these two. I’d rather be them without rhinoplasty than you with! haha.

    Aniston’s lost it. Diaz still gots it!

  5. PJ

    Back in 2000, I had my nose done by none other than Dr.Raj. I was so excited, but just like those two, he slightly fixed my nose. Like, I can see the differenc in my profile, but I pretty much look exactly the same…and for $8200! He’s a sleeze though. I was referred to him at the time by my boss (a very screwed up, drug addicted CEO of an internet start-up)…and they did a lot of drugs together…and spent days (and I do mean days) partying and picking up on like 19year olds. Then a few years later I see him on Dr.90210. Still a sleeze.

  6. omg

    Whoa that pic of Aniston is seriously f*cking scary. Cousin IT anyone? Cameron Diaz is still cool in my eyes, at least she’s a better actress than that loser crybaby Aniston.

  7. me

    Aniston needs to get her ears done, not her nose. And then she can FINALLY pull her hair back off of her face and not look like Dumbo in mid-flight.

    As someone once said on E!: “Jen is an ode to good grooming.” In other words, thank God for stylists, makeup artists, hairdressers, colonic irrigations, soy products, masseuses, and plastic surgeons.

    The woman is just homely. But it’s not even that really, it’s just that her talent is so very limited. WTF? Why can’t she just go away?

  8. Beth

    I got my nose done by dr. kanodia, too. Fabulous results, but he was hella rude to me. Maybe the only way for him to have bedside manner is to be famous or dye your hair blonde.

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