Dianna Agron Would Rather Be A Vampire

Dianna Agron
(looking TDF in that gorgeous dress) stopped to chat with E!’s The Awful Truth Sunday night at the Breakthrough Of The Year Awards held at the Pacific Design Center.  The Glee star (and Breakthrough Newcomer recipient) didn’t speaketh a word about the Britney Spears cameo rumor (not allowed), but gave her cast of The Romantics a huge thumbs up.

The set was cozy for Agron and cast mates Katie Holmes, Josh Duhamel and Anna Paquin, who plays Agron’s sister in the movie (which I cannot wait for since it has been likened to the plot of The Big Chill, the BEST. MOVIE. EVER.).  There were definitely some famous stop-bys, including Tom Cruise and Fergie.  And HRH Suri Cruise was a regular on the set.

We just bonded so quickly; we became such a family–all of us, which
doesn’t always happen. We would cook dinners together and go for romps
on the beach and play board games. It was just so much fun off the set
and on.”

Asked if she would accept a guest spot on Paquin’s True Blood, Agron eagerly said YES.  Now, the big question: Would she want to play a werewolf or vampire?

“I would want to be a vampire.”

Smart girl.