Dianna Agron Skirts The Issue Of Quinn Fabray’s Future On ‘Glee’ [PHOTOS & VIDEO]

'Glee' At The '12 SAGs
The cast on the red carpet.
Dianna Agron appeared on The View today to discuss her character’s fate on Glee (returning tonight on Fox).  Though Agron was seen shooting in a wheelchair after the episode that found her in a car accident, the star was quite coy with her answer (watch video from her appearance after the jump.

“I find it odd that FOX released two songs where the voice sounds a lot like me,” Agron told the ladies (via Zap2it).  Hmmmm!

The series has been picked up for another season, but the seniors are graduating this year. What does the future hold for Quinn Fabray?”  We know that’s a conversation that’s going to start happening,” Agron said.

In between press, Agron – who stayed at The Bowery Hotel – shopped in Manhattan yesterday (April 9th) wearing a striped dress and tights.