Dianna Agron Shows Off Some Interesting Fashion Choices

Dianna Agron stepped out in West Hollywood today, sporting a very bold and spring ready ensemble. Way to make all of those east coasters jealous!

Dianna was wearing a black and white patterned dress, a multi-colored, patterned jacket in pastel tones, short black boots, and a light blue over the shoulder purse. She’s definitely making a statement. 

Personally, the pattern on pattern look isn’t really my style, but Dianna still somehow makes it work for me. I’m not really a fan of the purse though, but whatever. She seems like the kind of person who can make any outfit work. Ugh, so lucky.

Dianna has been getting attention recently for accepting a role in a new movie called Tumbledown. The movie is about a woman who is struggling to write the life story of her famous husband, who has just died, when one of his old friends shows up and challenges what she knew about her husbands life, and his death.

Also starring in the movie is Jason Sudeikis, so it’s bound to be a good one. From a TV show about a cheery high school glee club to a movie about dealing with death. Dianna is going to end up with one interesting resume.