Dianna Agron, Naya Rivera, And The ‘Glee’ Alumni Reunite In Song [VIDEO]

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Rumors of Dianna Agron staying off Glee for good were heartbreaking to all the fans of Quinn Fabray. With all the drama surrounding the character throughout the first few seasons, it was hard to believe they were never going to bring her back. Thursday night, an episode titled, Thanksgiving premiered and was highly anticipated due to the return of everyone’s favorite Cheerio.

Fellow alumni of the show surprised us and appeared just in time for sectionals. Her fellow former Glee Club members made appearances on the show previously, but seeing them all together brought on serious nostalgia.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t a full reunion because Kurt (Chris Colfer) and Rachel (Lea Michele) opted to stay in New York City for the holidays. Out of all the times they should have returned home, that was definitely it. I would have loved to see a Quinn/Rachel duet. The club’s former secret weapon definitely could have offered some support to Marley.

The Unholy Trinity comprised of Quinn, Brittany (Heather Morris), and Santana (Naya Rivera) reunited in the episode and that was pure magic. Out of all the songs performed, that was one of my favorites.

In the video above, we see Quinn and Puck (Mark Salling) looking rather cozy. Oh, how I wish we could have them back together as a couple. Despite everything, they were really an incredible couple.

Which former Glee Club member were you excited to see back? Let us know in the comments below!