Dianna Agron & Kevin McHale In Wheelchairs On ‘Glee’ Set, Max Adler Talks About Last Night’s Episode [PHOTOS]

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Now that was a roller coaster ride of an episode last night. If you haven’t seen last night’s episode of Glee, then read no further because spoilers abound!

There were three shockers in last night’s episode. The first being that Dianna’s character Quinn was involved in a car accident while texting while driving. Which explains why Dianna Agron was in a wheelchair on the set of Glee yesterday (February 21) with Kevin McHale.

The second, was that Glee won sectionals. Yay! Lastly, and the most powerful and intense moment of the episode, was when Dave Karofsky, played by Max Adler decided to attempt to commit suicide after ironically being bullied for being gay. Here is what Adler had to say about the scene:

I think the really important thing in that scene as you saw was the decision to commit suicide was made after the Facebook messages, and to me, I feel like the locker room is heartbreaking and tragic but you can deal with that a little bit more because it’s kind of face-to-face, and you feel the emotions. But I feel like when cyber-bullying happens, and you are kind of getting hit from all different angles, and you don’t know who these people are and bullying takes on this life of its own, it becomes incredibly scary and you want to hide in a hole.

Make sure to check out the full interview at E! Online and his interview with The Hollywood Reporter. They are really amazing interviews.

Watch Daniel Radcliffe’s Trevor Project (a nonprofit organization that offers support to sexual minority youth, particularly those experiencing emotional difficulty dealing with their sexuality who need someone to talk to) PSA which aired during the show. We’ve included behind the scenes footage from the episode as well.