Dianna Agron Is Branching Out During Her Glee Hiatus — And Bringing Her Brother Along Too! [PHOTOS]

Dianna Agron On Location
The 'Glee' actress on set with Kevin McHale.
As season 4 of Glee is being aired, many of the veteran characters have unfortunately been demoted to guest stars, rather than series regulars for the sake of story telling. Although it’s imperative for the show to move forward, it doesn’t make the McKinley High alums any less missed. One of the most iconic characters in the show is the beautifully psychotic Quinn Fabray, as portrayed by Dianna Agron.

Quinn’s departure from the show was due to her enrollment in college. Although this is an annoying set of circumstances for all the Fabray fans out there, Agron sure isn’t staying at home moping. While she is in between acting jobs, Agron has branched out into some other ventures, such as writing, promoting the new Nintendo DS game console, and possibly even a trip to the Broadway stage like her cast mate, Darren Criss.

Agron, who’s artistic inclination goes far beyond acting, spoke to Teen Vogue about her recent endeavors and hobbies saying, “Painting, drawing — I’m really into photography, I’ve done it since high school. I’m writing a lot, and I just finished a script that we’re moving forward with and going to potentially shoot next year.” The script is still in the works, so too much can’t be said about it.

One thing that Agron is excited to share about is her partnership with Nintendo to star in commercials promoting Nintendo’s “Play As You Are” campaign and the “Art Academy” game for DS. “It ties into my artistic side. Through the game ‘Art Academy,’ you can receive art lessons. I want to encourage artists at any age to get inspired, and with a game like this, you can literally be anywhere and learn the same things that you would learn in an art class. It’s a great tool. I grew up playing Nintendo with my brother, and it’s a game that feels similar to the games we used to play — except our systems were black and white! This one’s in 3-D — technology is crazy!”

Speaking of her brother, Agron has incorporated him into more than one aspect of the campaign. Jason Agron, who is 2 years younger than the actress, appeared in one of the commercials with Agron, and the love can be clearly felt between the 2. In fact, back in 2010, when the press was all over the actress for a racy photo shoot she did with Glee cast mates, Lea Michele and Cory Monteith, Agron’s brother quickly came to her defense. It’s no wonder she seems to be taking him along for the ride in the spotlight.

Check out the gallery to see Dianna Agron, minus her brother (come on, she can’t take him everywhere) at the 2012 Ripple of Hope Gala in NYC. And watch GleeThursday nights on FOX to catch her guest starring.