Diane Sawyer Has To Talk To Nicole Richie


Nicole Richie will sit down with Diane Sawyer for a two part interview on “Good Morning America” next week.

Nicole Richie will go one-on-one with ABC’s Diane Sawyer next week, speaking for the first time since rumors started swirling that she is pregnant, a source tells PEOPLE.

Richie’s interview will air in two segments on Good Morning America, Aug. 2 and 3, as well as on 20/20, Aug. 3.

Aug. 16, Richie, 25, also is due in court to face a DUI charge.

It should go something like this:

Diane: So, America, wants to know…are you pregnant?
Nicole: (smiles coyly) Well, you know I have gained all this weight. I had a piece of popcorn and I thought maybe a kernel got lodged in my intestine and it started all this swelling…but it turned out all that sex I had when I was drunk and high resulted in a brat.
Diane: That’s fantastic! Are you excited?
Nicole: No! I’m fat! Look at me! I’m disgusting! The retarded thing is that I have enough money to hire a damn surrogate! What the hell was I thinking?
Diane: Do you have any baby names in mind?
Nicole: If it’s twins I’m going to name them Weed and Vicodin.