Diane Lane Reminisces On Date Gone Bad

What do you get when you mix a rock concert, a Texas-sized beverage, and the urge to go pee. Not a very good date.

She recalls, “I was at a rock concert and it was in Texas. They had these Texas-sized beverages. I didn’t go the restroom in time, and the whole amphitheatre (was) pouring into the parking lot.

“I said (to my date), ‘Look, I still have this container. I think I can go in your car,’ which is fine. It was a success story, until I had to pull the leather pants back up – and I knocked it over! “We had the T-shirts from the concert so we (dried it up with those). It was terrible but I was a kid.

“My grandmother set me up with him, bless his heart. He was a very nice man… I’m sure the paint peeled off after that Texas beer!”

I’m just wondering why on earth she decided to share this story.

Lane Soaked Her Dates Car In Urine [contactmusic]

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