Diane Kruger, Joshua Jackson And Models Attend Either A Party Or New Ad Shoot

I seriously thought this was an ad for Urban Outfitters or Todd’s. Why is everyone wearing straw fedoras? And who knew people played pétanque in real life? (Note to companies: you really should put fashionable couple Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson in something, they look adorable. Although you know that outfit didn’t really come out of Josh’s closet which I would bet mostly has a lot of hooded sweatshirts.)

These celebs and models were actually gathered in Saint Tropez on Monday (because that’s what models and famous people do and) for Karl Lagerfeld’s party to at the Place des Lices to launch the Chanel Croisière Collection and present his new short film Remember Now.

The film also looks like an ad, packed with models in shiny clothing living glamorously, and I can’t find a visible plot line anywhere. Sure looks purdy, though.

Check out the trailer after the jump.