Diane Keaton Would Rather Avoid the Male Species Completely, Thanks

January 10th, 2008 // 4 Comments

I love me some wacky Diane Keaton and even though I recently poked fun at Nicole Kidman for wearing a similar-looking ensemble, it just makes sense on Diane seen here at the “Mad Money” premiere. I can sympathize with her recent declaration that she’s always been somewhat skittish when it came to the opposite sex. According to the 62-year-old actress, “I was always a little bit afraid of men.” I have a feeling that the Queen’s ears perked up hearing that. Diane elaborated by saying that in relationships, she would start off by agreeing with whomever she was dating and by the time her real opinions on things emerged, it was always too late. Katie probably looked over at her blankly at this point and said, “Why ever would you express your real opinions?”

Keaton attributes her status as a single mother to her adopted children to the fact that, “Those good relationships that are strong and substantive never happened for me, and that prolonged my indecisiveness.” Well, I think she’s better off avoiding marriage altogether, rather than overdosing on it like some people we know.

Photos: Getty Images/Bauer-Griffin Online

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Photos: Getty Images/Bauer-Griffin Online

By Lisa Timmons

  1. You know who should be afraid of men? Katie Holmes. At least men who are four feet tall, named Tom Cruise and think aliens are our ticket out of here.

  2. sadi

    What’s with Katie and the head down/eyes up posing? Doesn’t work for Posh (who she seems to emulate) and it got a little tiresome with Diana. Too many of the supposed glamour shots of Katie have this pose/look. Find a new one!

  3. Tiffie

    Poor Diane. The problem with wearing all white is it makes her teeth look all YELLOW. Aside from that, she looks fabulous, as always. Katie and the Queen – stunning. Looking forward to seeing their movie. Three top notch professional actresses.

  4. Bryan B

    Am I the only one who thinks that Diane’s constant need to cover her entire body with clothing distracts from her acting? I cannot watch anything she is in without being distracted by her head to toe outfit cover-ups… She has confessed to having this trait on many occasion, and as someone with body dismorphic disorder, I can certainly relate… But then again, I am not an actor. It just seems to me that even in her roles, she has to, for the most part, keep herself covered up… Love the old girl, but her clothing/cover-up issues make me crazy(er). She is so beautiful! And I love it when she shows us some skin!

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