Diane Kruger Manages To Make Overalls Look Super Stylish

Joshua & Diane Shopping
The Couple Grabs Some Groceries Together
Reasons I am jealous of Diane Kruger #4,968: Because she can wear overalls and not only not look silly, but make it look pretty sexy.

The Bridge actress was spotted in Los Angeles, taking her kitty to the vet. Hopefully he or she is a-ok. Now back to Diane’s overalls.

Maybe it’s because they’re fitted? Maybe it’s because she’s cuffed them? Or maybe it’s just because she’s just Diane Kruger–whatever the reason for her amazing look, I am very impressed by it. 

So, how come Diane doesn’t have her own fashion line? Isn’t she at that point in her career where she could make that happen? I mean, I would for sure buy her stuff. And I would wear it and it would be magical.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Diane Kruger’s overalls look. You know, I should really print this out and give it to my 10-year-old sister to show her “friends” next time they give her shit about wearing overalls. Why kids gotta be so mean?