Diane Kruger & Joshua Jackson Enjoy A Night Out, What’s Up With Diane’s Left Ring Finger?

Joshua & Diane
The couple together on a sun filled holiday.
Before we get to the rumor of whether or not Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson are finally engaged, let’s all just take a moment and appreciate how perfect they are together.

The longtime couple was spotted in Los Angeles last night, leaving Beverly Hills eatery Mr. Chow where they attended a private dinner party for designer Antonio Berardi. Oh, look at them. So fancy with their private dinner parties.

Now, back to the giant ring on Diane’s left ring finger. 

Both Joshua and Diane have said they’re not interested in marriage, even though they would be perfect at it. So while the ring on her finger was probably nothing more than a case of “oh look, it fits this finger,” I’m going to pretend that it means they’re getting married and Diane is going to wear this dress. Or some variety of it.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of the couple out last night. They’re pretty high up on my list of Favorite Celebrity Couples. Where do they fall on yours?